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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Let it be accounted!

We travelled 200 kms yesterday for a programme. Had enough CNG and petrol for the travel. Had good food at a roadside Dhaba - snacks and tea @Rs.75/- for two. (Only cash transaction in the day!) Had lunch at a small restaurant which accepted card payment. Offered lift to two other guests of the programme, so that they need not spend cash on travel. Had CNG and petrol refilled today, again on card. (For your information, Deshmukh Petrol Pump on Satara Road and CNG Station on Sinhgad Road are accepting card payments. I don't know why all pumps are not doing that!) Planning for a trip to D-Mart in the evening for necessary groceries. Also paid phone and electricity bills online. Purchased few books online from BookGanga dot com. I have not  visited any ATM/bank since 8th of November. Managing with whatever currency notes I have - 100/50/20/10. I do not want my old currency notes replaced. I will deposit and withdraw when banks get less crowded. I support PM Modi's decision to curb #BlackMoney. Let's go #cashless... It doesn't look too difficult, if we really want to follow. We earn honest money. Let it be accounted. Let all the money in this country be accounted! I hope you agree with me on this...


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