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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Monday, September 15, 2014

Think before you react!

Mr. K Laxman, a BJP MLA opposes Tennis star Sania Mirza being designated the brand ambassador of Telangana. Why? Because according to Mr. Laxman, Sania is "Pakistan's daughter-in-law". Well, however foolish this statement is, more foolish are his supporters who spread this ‘news’ through social media and in all other possible ways. This topic fuels hot discussions between pro-BJP and anti-BJP (or more specifically, between Hindutva-wadi and others). The objective of such statements is to keep the issue (of Hindu-Muslim) burning. Once this objective is achieved, the image-saver of BJP comes into picture. “Indian tennis star Sania Mirza meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi after her victory in the US Open mixed doubles!” All is well that ends well...

Sakshi Maharaj, a BJP MP from Unnao, publicly alleges that Madarasa's across the country are imparting “education of terror” and “love jihad”. He claims that Muslim youth in Madarasa's are being motivated for “love jihad” with offers of cash rewards - Rs.11 lakh for an “affair” with a Sikh girl, Rs.10 lakh for a Hindu girl, and Rs.7 lakh for a Jain girl. Usha Thakur, a BJP MLA in Madhya Pradesh (and also state BJP vice-president) has asked party workers to ensure that Muslim youths are not allowed to enter Garba venues in her constituency, Indore (3), during the upcoming annual Nav Durga festival. She alleges that Hindu girls are lured by Muslim youths and converted to Islam as part of the “love jihad” conspiracy to distort population ratio in the country. Another great discovery and our media-savvy young generation voluntarily jumps in to spread this ‘news’ through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and what not… Again, the objective of such statements is to keep the issue (of Hindu-Muslim) burning. Once this objective is achieved, the fire-fighter of BJP comes into picture. "Arey yeh Love Jihad hai kya? Hume nahi maloom!” says Home Minister Rajnath Singh in a press conference. Again, all is well that ends well…

This Modus Operandi works well with blind-followers and non-thinkers, who are available in huge numbers in our country. Throw a piece of bone and these followers keep chewing it for hours and days and months and years. They never try to verify whether it is a real bone or just a piece of rubber or wood thrown at them to fool them. Some non-highlighted MLA or MP or party leader makes a controversial and too obvious statement and the public is stirred with confused emotions and reactions. Then, someone from the top takes charge and denies or ‘disowns’ the statement or the person him/herself on behalf of BJP as a party. We have been seeing this since long now… once it was Babri issue, then Section 370, then reservation issue, then some trivial topics like Paki Bahu and Love Jihad. If you are among the followers, just stop and think before you perform your ‘duty to spread such news’ among your network. Think of what you are gaining from this, personally or as a society. Think what you would do when the top bosses of the party that you follow disown the very topic that you have already given your time, energy, and emotions to. Think how this is going to help our country become a superpower!

In short, think before you react! Think before you spread something foolish and baseless! Think before someone ‘uses’ you for their own personal benefit...


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