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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Monday, December 15, 2014

5S - Simple Steps to Improve Working

5S is a method of organizing your workplace and workflow, to improve efficiency and quality of work. Literally, 5S is combination of five Japanese words, starting with the letter 'S'. This method can be applied in your professional as well as personal life.

1. Seiri - Sorting. Remove the unnecessary.
- Sort your documents and items as per requirement. Keep only necessary and remove the unnecessary.
- Review files and folders on your computer. Store only necessary and delete/backup unnecessary.

2. Seiton - Systematic arrangement. Place for everything and everything in place.
- Keep frequently used items closer to you.
- Define specific locations to store all necessary documents and items. It is recommended to stick name tags on the drawers/shelves/containers, where these items are stored. Ensure that they are stored at their designated place only.
- Prepare a list of folders, broadly classified according to contents, on your computer. Ensure that all documents are saved in corresponding folders only.

3. Seiso - Cleaning. Keep the workplace clean and tidy.
- Cleaning your workplace should be a regular activity, rather habit.
- It makes the place more pleasant and worth spending time at. It also increases your confidence about availability and accessibility of necessary items.
- On your computer, clean your desktop, recycle bin, and major folders regularly. Remove unnecessary shortcuts, files, and documents. It will help improve performance of your system.

4. Seiketsu - Standardization.
- Prepare standard procedure of above 3 activities.
- Make index of items and documents, by numbering them in logical manner.
- Maintain a list of items, documents and their locations.
- Also, mention names of persons responsible to follow above 3S's. Explain the standard procedure to all concerned persons.
- Maintain a master document having links to all necessary documents on your computer. Prepare schedule for backup, upgrade, and cleanup of your documents and software.

5. Shitsuke - Self Discipline.
- Ensure that all above 4S's are followed.
- Once the procedure is standardized, everyone concerned must follow it, until new improvement is suggested or some unavoidable reasons are surfaced.

Benefits of 5S:
- Reduced searching time. You know where to look for particular item.
- Increased productivity. The time and energy for searching are saved.
- Improved quality of work. You can focus on core activities.
- Satisfaction of working, without draining your time and energy, and delivering quality results, all the time.


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