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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Business Etiquette

Good Manners
It takes 15 seconds to make a good first impression. And you spend rest of your life to repair it, if it was negative one. Hence, be prepared to present yourself as the best of you.

Right Handshake
Handshake is a universally accepted way to greet people and introduce oneself in the corporate world. It should be warm, firm, and should last about 3-4 seconds.

Business Introduction
In business introductions, rank and designation are considered more important than age and gender. Whenever you are in situations where you have to introduce a colleague to a senior person or your client to your boss, always say the name of the most important person first to show respect.

Always call during regular working hours. Call back or answer voice messages within one working day.
Remember mobile phone is only for emergencies. Switch off your mobile while attending a meeting.

Effective Business Correspondence
Reply to all business e-mails within one working day, maximum two.
Always use sentence case. UPPERCASE means you are shouting; lowercase shows you are lazy.
Always use email signature, giving your complete contact details.

Perfect Business Attire
What you wear is a sign of your respect for the other person or the organization you are working or interacting with.
Observe the dress code of your workplace.
On casual dress days, wear business casual clothes.

The Business Luncheon/Dinner
Remember, a Business Meal is for eating and networking.
Place the napkin on your lap and do not wipe your face or nose with it.

The Value Business Referral
Referrals are invaluable to business.
When people give you a referral or a sales lead, thank them.

Skilled Business Networking
Corporate parties, cocktail receptions, office parties are excellent places to network.
Office parties are an extension of the office environment; so appear on time, dress appropriately, drink in moderation.

The Smart Business Talk
When meeting prospective clients or business associates, to initiate the discussions and get the business talk going, start with introductions and by asking general questions.

Value Time, Value Business
Time is precious; time is money.
Be time conscious and stick to the rules of punctuality.

The Friendly Office Environment
Be polite and courteous, even to those you do not like, to avoid fights and negative tension.


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