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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Secrets to Peak Performance

It is scientifically proven that Loss Prevention is the primary and most effective way to improve performance. As it relates to optimizing internal capacities, it is quite easier and faster than applying any external improvement techniques. No external applications would result unless all causes of internal loss are prevented. Let us consider example of a balloon. You will not be able to blow it to size with whatever amount of air, until it has even one small hole. Similarly, you need to optimize your potential energy before enforcing additional efforts.

Here are some tips on buffing up your efforts:

1. Lead a well-rounded life

People who get their work at home until bedtime get on peak early and get addicted to work in short span of time, too. High performers can leave their work at office and spend good amount of time on the things they like. This allows their minds to refresh and rejoin work with improved efficiency.

2. Proper selection of career

Selection of work plays vital role in your career. High performers select the kind of work they like to do and focus on the internal satisfaction, not on external rewards and powers. In the end, as they enjoy their work, their work is always better than others’ is and result in high returns.

3. Rehearse each challenging task mentally

Before facing any challenging situation, high performers prepare for it by judging pros and cons, possible actions and reactions. They rehearse the task mentally so that when it happens, they have already gone through it.

4. Seek results not perfection

Many hardworking and ambitious people focus on perfection, leaving them short of time in everything they do, leading to missing on opportunities. High performers do not focus on perfection, but on accomplishment of the task. The mistakes are taken in as lessons, and not as bitter memories.

5. Be willing to risk

Most people like to create their comfort zone, and live with that for their lives. They are always in search of security, and run away from risks, thus missing on hidden opportunities. High performers, by contrast, are geared up to take risks by carefully considering how things would work and making provisions for failures and worst scenarios.

6. Don’t underestimate your potential

People presume that they know their limits. In fact, they don’t know, but they believe and limit themselves. Self-limiting is the biggest obstacle in high-level performance.

7. Compete with yourself

High performers focus on building themselves and improving on their own skills. Worrying about competitors’ abilities and possible superiority can often be self-defending. People differ in their potential and skills; hence, one can be better in one skill, while poor in another. High performers are interested in doing the best possible job by their own standards.


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