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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Truth only prevails, or should it?

I don't have a television at home. I never had. I simply don't want to be misled by the hyperactive (so-called) journalists and media owners who are spreading no truth and only biased information. I don't rely on this media for news because what they broadcast is not news but opinions. I am educated and aware enough to make my own opinions on every subject. What I need from media is simply information about what is happening around - who said what, who did what, where, when, and how. Unfortunately, no media entity is able to provide me with these facts. All of them are interested in injecting ready opinions in my brain, which are not true and are visibly biased. I believe in gathering the facts myself. I believe in talking to real people instead of relying on edited footage of some news channel or edited article in some newspaper. I am ready to leave the convenience of my own house in search of truth. I don't want to know the truth by sitting inside my house and make my opinions on those half-baked stories. Shame on media who have betrayed their purpose of existence. Shame on media who have sold their souls and consciousness for either money, or popularity, or idiotic ideologies. The media today is destroying the faith and trust it had in the past. And this is going to be the most dangerous thing happening to our democracy. We, the people of India, do not have a media entity to channelise our thoughts, and expressions, and opinions. What we have is numerous paid journalists barking at representatives of the public and framing them all in some unimaginable cases which no real Indian citizen would ever be able to comprehend. I sincerely urge to all of you reading this post to STOP being misled by the media. Stop reading newspapers and stop watching (so-called) news channels, which are nothing but disturbing your life and mine. If you want to find out the truth, develop your sources which are 'human'. Walk out of your home and office and college and every place in search of the truth. Talk to people, ask questions, seek answers until you are satisfied. If your opinions are based only on media reportage, there would be no one more unfortunate and pitiful than you. I am genuinely worried about the kind of atmosphere we are going to leave for our future generations - fearful, hypocrite, nonsense atmosphere. I am genuinely worried...


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