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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Friday, March 2, 2012

Together, We Can!

Constitutional provisions alone cannot guarantee achievement of the purpose. No doubt they are necessary and strong ingredient of development process in a democratic nation like ours. However, the ultimate goal can be reached only through successful implementation of ideas. And this demands for active participation of every citizen. Here, we are talking about a fundamental need of every child around us - education. Yes, everybody knows that our constitution has provided every child with right to get education. We are happy about the vision, we are not at all suspicious about the motive. But we are concerned about the implementation. The application of Right To Education (RTE).

There are marginalised sections of society, unaware and deprived of benefits of education. They call it their fate, we call it our failure. If a certain part of the society is trailing on development, how can we dream of all-inclusive growth? It is unfortunate to see our society, after so many years of complete freedom, struggling for basic needs, including education. And we refuse to blame the Government, until we have done our bit.

We, the other part of this paralysed society, the 'responsible' citizens, thought about delivering fruits of education to those who really need them. No, we cannot teach. Not every one of us. That's not even required. There are (have to be) enough number of government schools in Pune, to admit all children in the city. For some reasons, the classrooms are vacant and streets are full of education-deprived children of all ages. We thought, let's start with bridging this gap. Let's ensure every child reaches school. We, a group of people interested in child education, came together, discussed, and figured out how to do this. Under the guidance of veterans in the field of education, and with the enthusiasm of young and willing activists from Pune, the 'Every Child Counts' team is ready with a primary plan, waiting for thousands of hands joining the cause.

We believe that every child counts. And we are trying to sow this feeling in every citizen's mind. Yes, this has to be a citizens' campaign. It's not always the parents who do not admit their children in school. It's not always the government that fails to deliver free and compulsory education to every child. It's sometimes us, the citizens who are enjoying fruits of education, but not passing them on to every child. Let's make this happen now. Let's all join hands to ensure that every child gets its right of education.

The goal is simple. By June-2012, let's ensure that every child of 6-7 years age is admitted to neighbourhood school. We still have six months in our hands. Let's find out every out-of-school child and send it to school. The volume may be too high, but we are sure, if every citizen contributes, the goal can be achieved. There are numerous activities for every citizen to contribute in. The campaign needs IT support, government support, legal support, financial support, media support, and support in many more areas.

Let's do this for once. Let's kick-start the progress-express for next generation.

To join Every Child Counts campaign,
please write to everychildcounts.pune@gmail.com or
call Rajani Paranjpe at 9371007844 or
call Mandar Shinde at 9822401246.

For more details,
visit http://everychildcounts-pune.blogspot.com or
join us at http://on.fb.me/eccpune or
follow us on http://twitter.com/eccpune

Together we can. And we will!



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