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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Cooperation is the key!

There is certainly no sense of love among the middle class and the general public about corporate and industry. But we have all come to the conclusion that there's no other choice if we wish to become a global superpower or don't want to miss the bus to prosperity.

There's an alternative to corporate industry, for sure. The co-operative movement. Cooperation has been the foundation of prosperity in Western Maharashtra. Co-operative societies can be set up and run in huge profits in all sectors like sugar industry, cotton mills, agricultural products and processes, education, banking, and so on. This isn't just a dream; it's our collective experience!

Industrialization promotes structure of one master and many servants / workers, which is a model complementary to capitalism. In co-operative societies, ownership of resources, profit, loss, liability, and risk is shared among the members.

It is not good for the industry if profit or resources are distributed among a lot of people (members). Because on the one hand, all the profits are less likely to return to the industry. Secondly, the more people are allowed to participate in decision making, the more time it takes, the more confusion it grows.

But the benefits of cooperation are far greater than the losses. As one compares the advantages and disadvantages of a dictatorship versus a democracy, one quickly comments as, "Our people need a dictator to set things right (pun intended)!" Nevertheless, listening to examples of dictatorships in history does not leave us unfrightened.

That's why cooperation seems to be the only cohesive, convincing, and profitable product/service model for us. A case study of the successful and unsuccessful organizations of the past can certainly be helpful in improving on this model according to today's technology and market demand. But if we leave the alchemy of co-op and choose to go for the white elephant of the corporate, would there be anything more unfortunate for us?

Remember, we cannot achieve prosperity without cooperation among the community!

- Mandar Shinde


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