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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Mental Health During Lockdown

Hindustan Times, Sunday May 31, 2020

Life Under Lockdown: Mental Health Also Matters

We are under lockdown for two months now. Physical movements, business operations, and social gatherings - everything is restricted. This has a direct impact on the economy, lifestyle and health. But I am a little more concerned about its indirect impact on our mental health.

Most of us have missed going to the gym or going for a walk everyday. Some might have compensated for it by exercising within the comfort of their own house or having a walk on the terrace everyday. However, the feeling of being locked inside the house has created a significant amount of stress among most of us.

There are two major sources - first, the orders issued by Government officials and second, the fear of contracting Coronavirus the moment we step out of our homes.

There is a difference between situations where I voluntarily decide to remain inside home and when I am ordered to do so. And to add to it, when I am punished if I do not follow the orders. I cannot meet friends and family members, cannot travel to places I want to, cannot be a part of social activities, and my business opportunities are also reduced or somewhat vanished during the last two months. Particularly when I am self-employed and cannot expect a full or part salary when I don't work. This is taking a toll on self-confidence, pushing many others like me towards an unhealthy state of mind, even depression.

Words of wisdom and motivation do not help under such circumstances. If the lockdown is extended any further, the mental health of many will get beyond recovery. I am wondering how one can sustain their morale in these difficult times. Are there any exercises that we can continue at home to keep ourselves fit mentally until we are back to normal, if we ever are going to be?

- Mandar Shinde



  1. Truly.. very well described lockdown situation

  2. Our thoughts and feelings put into exact words!!!!

  3. It's an unrepairable loss for the people having less sustainable ability or having weak mind. For these people the aadhyatma might be a good solution.