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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Parting With Words

How important is it
To talk about death
Is it necessary at all
Can't we just live
And then leave
Silently, when it is time
It is a personal choice
Of course
Whether you decide
Parting in silence
Or parting with words

'Parting With Words… न होना केवल शब्दों में' is a beautiful performance where poetry meets death. And death is not always a depressing thought. It is unavoidable, no doubt. The only thing you can surely predict about your own future. But this is an attempt to arrest the feelings in words and serve them in a bearable, rather pleasurable format to an audience young and old. Yes, the concept is gold and the presenters are gems. Rupali, Aanand and Ashwini have brought to us a mix of English and Hindi poems talking about parting, about losing, about missing, about the end, about death. It's all about losing someone close to you, losing something you've loved and treasured, losing your self, too. It's also about hoping for a new beginning and it's about knowing that there's not another beginning. Basically, it's about being free - breaking free. Or whatever way you take it. Thank you, Annand, Rupali, Ashwini and The Box team, for this wonderful experience. It is perhaps for the first time that I have heard about death and parting for an hour or so and I want to hear that again, from you. Looking forward to experiencing parting with beautiful words again!

Mandar Shinde


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