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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Listen Carefully and Get Ahead

Knowing how to listen is a crucial aspect in relationships… especially in today’s competitive business environment.

Successful professionals know careful listening can reveal unseen problems, identify new trends and opportunities and lead to creative solutions. They also know that listening to people will help building good relations in their working relationships.

Do you know how to listen…?
  • Control Emotions: Experts say emotions are powerful obstacles to listening. They colour what we hear and prevent us from focusing on what is being said. To be a good listener, one should not react while someone is speaking.
  • Another emotional obstacle is anxiety about what to say. If you are listening to someone, listen carefully, take a deep breath, and then respond. It shows respect towards speaker. It will also give you some time to think and understand the stand of speaker.
  • Notice details about speaker: how slow he speaks, his style, how much eye contact he maintains. This will help you while responding as sharp difference between styles can create tension. Accepting his style can help you concentrate and build a good communication and understanding.
  • Do not label the person: One major obstacle in listening is that we label the speaker as a boss, a peer, or a subordinate. Wise executives encourage communication on same levels.
  • Listen aggressively: Asking a good question is a secret of good conversation. When you are having conversation with a group of people, keep some gaps in your presentation so that people can ask questions to make interaction interesting.
  • Do not jump to conclusions: Some people are solution-finders, before a speaker finishes, they can immediately come to the conclusion and find the solution. Instead of coming to conclusions immediately, listen to the speaker carefully to weigh all aspects of an issue to find perfect solution.
  • Understand others' need: If you want to influence, you have to listen that person carefully and understand his need.


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