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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Right Approach

How many times have you tried to approach the senior-most person in your organization? Most of the times, the CEO's and MD's are approached for very wrong reasons, resulting in not_so_positive response from them, which you interpret as unwillingness to be approached. Mentioned below are some common reasons for which top bosses are approached:

.Personal touch - Highlighting your work in your organization is often mistaken with highlighting yourself. You try to e-mail or call or meet the top boss just to say 'hi'. People driving their businesses will never block you directly for personal reasons, as they understand the value of their employees – top to bottom. At the same time, they have neither the time nor interest in your personal matters. You send your wedding invitation, they will say, “I'll try to attend”. You send new year greetings, they will reply, “Same to you”. These replies do not necessarily mean you have the rapport with the top boss. Do not boast you receive 'casual' mails from them, many others too, might be receiving them.

.Detective reports - You feel your immediate boss is misleading the team and misguiding the management, what do you do? Send an 'inside' report to the top boss? Or try to make direct meeting to explain 'real facts'? Two questions for you. One, are you dead sure the top boss is not aware or involved in what your immediate boss is doing? Two, what are you hired as – a secret agent? At your level you never know who makes the decisions and who executes. And complaining about your own boss or department questions your own integrity. If the top boss does need your assistance, he will approach you for your inputs. And in that case, please provide “facts”, not “views”.

.Salary issues - Bargain your price at the time of joining an organization. Once joined, you become a part of the existing payment system. Try to influence the management with your work and achievements, not with personal requests of salary increment. Your stories about family responsibilities, loans, health problems, and other liabilities, can earn you sympathy from the top boss. At the same time, your capability and intentions to be with the organization are prone to criticism. Try to understand what you have to do to get a rise, instead of cooking stories of how badly you need more money.

These are some representative cases of wrong approach to the top. So, what could be a right approach?

.Business view - Not every employee can exactly share the top boss' vision. However, you are the master of your work, department, or activities. Try to think of a possible enhancement in your process or department, that could drastically reduce the cost or magically boost the sales. Now, try to approach the top boss with your idea, which purely is your initiative. However silly or small that idea be, the top will always be willing to give it a thought. Whatever fate your idea earns, you, as the originator, get noticed.

.Rise to the occasion - There are times when the top needs assistance from all the levels, especially the ground level. These expectations often cross the typical roles and responsibilities definitions. Grab these opportunities. Prove to the top that you can go out of the way, when required.

There may not be too frequent opportunities to approach the top, right way. But then, identifying the right one and grabbing it, is the key, isn't it?


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