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मंदार शिंदे
Mandar Shinde

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Top 10 Professional Tips

One of the biggest mistakes corporate professionals make is 'to assume'. They tend to take things for granted and do not understand that there can be (rather are) multiple angles to the same view! They assume their bosses' views, they assume their colleagues' approach, they assume their competitors' pace, and so on...

In today's competitive age, if you miss your competitive edge, chances are high that you miss everything. The Performer brings you few tips - easy to remember, interesting to implement, and beneficial in results:

1. Interact with people on valid topics -
Communication has its own significance in corporate world. Here, we are referring to horizontal communication, the one you have with your colleagues, partners, and team members. The stress is on 'valid topics', which should benefit to both the ends of communication - broadcasting and receiving! There are lots of topics which need neither your opinion nor your approval. Identify those topics and AVOID talking on them. A more generalized statement would be - don’t talk much.
Another point is Greeting people when you are in, it highlights your presence.
Listen to people – it helps you understand atmosphere around you and plan your work accordingly.

2. Share your knowledge -
There can be a big debate on this - sharing your knowledge. Some people would say, disclosing your cards would draw the end of game nearer. Let's look at it from a new angle - if you want to grow horizontally, hold on with what you know; if you want to grow vertically, release it as soon as possible. Sounds confusing? Couldn't be simpler! If you want to go on working in the same way what you have been doing since years along, just continue with that. Hardly anybody would be interested in receiving the knowledge from you, as you are not known for updated knowledge pool. On the other hand, if you go on releasing what you have learnt yesterday, you would be more flexible to learn new things today and implement them tomorrow.

3. Look smart -
A most overlooked aspect! Keep your worries at home, don't carry them. Nobody is going to buy them from you, even if you showcase them throughout the day. The more pleasant you look, the more positive things you will attract - positive people, positive thoughts, positive results. The sadder you appear, the more negative influence you are going to have - people will approach you with their own grievances, are you looking for it?
Keep your eyes and ears open, that surely helps!

4. Make quick decisions and implement them -
The key is the word 'quick' - decision in no time and implementation even faster than that! Delaying decision carries lesser risk than delaying implementation. That's because, the idea is already out in the market... So let it be more decisions and at least few breakthroughs, than dwelling upon fewer decisions and no results.

5. Be a diplomat -
A diplomat is a person, who tells you to 'go to hell', in such a manner that you actually start looking for the trip! Doesn't that explain what it means?
Be strict whenever required - first understand 'whenever'...

6. Keep in touch with the top ones -
Hierarchy in corporate world has to be observed with due respect. However, that should not impact your existence. The top-most layer of any organization is always in search of ideas and suggestions, which can be supplied the most from bottom levels. Present yourself with innovative solutions, whether all of them are accepted or not is not that important. What's more important is, you are being heard and noticed.
Never criticize your boss in front of your team. You will receive the same level of respect what you show them.

7. Be active -
The initial phase in any organization is the right time for you to outperform. Don't lose that precious stage in merely learning. Impress your colleagues, bosses with your work before they start expecting. Set your own standards of performance.
Understand your job profile and work on key points right from initial stages.
Take initiatives. Don't let too many to boss you around. Be your boss at first hand.

8. Don’t gossip -
It is the last thing you need to succeed in corporate world. While you keep on talking about others, they work and leave you far behind. Don't become a time-killing aid for your colleagues. Maintain safe distance from gossips and rumours in office.

9. Be aggressive in meetings -
When you have been called to speak, SPEAK UP! This is really funny - people talk what and when they are not supposed to and remain silent when and where they are expected to! Do your homework before any meeting and present aggressively what you have prepared. Meetings are not meant to be political campaigns, where one talks and thousands listen. However, before you start, ensure to be logical, be innovative, and be creative.
Keep clarity in your communication. Don't let others draw conclusions from your thoughts. Always end your talk with your own conclusion.

10. Delegate -
Delegate your work to your team members, it makes them feel important and motivated. Highlight initiatives taken by you in front of your team and superiors. At the same time, appreciate others' efforts publicly, that's far better than criticizing personally.
Arrange team meetings regularly. Your team should become your strength. It can be a large source of ideas and solutions. Utilize it.


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